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Lotus Belle Tent Review: Our 5 Reasons to Buy

Lotus Belle tent

As a company seeking to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive glamping world, we were intrigued to discover a new tent design, the Lotus Belle Tent which claims to offer all the cost benefits of a bell tent combined with the space offered by a yurt.  We had to take a look.

Our current, traditional bell tents are being retired after two years of service but after the difficult summer of 2012 we are seeking a new glamping option.  The Lotus Belle tent is our choice to replace our current bell tents at The Three Horseshoes.  Ian Peet, of The Three Horseshoes campsite explains why.

  1. The Lotus Belle tent has a striking design which we hope will catch our customers eye.  Having spoken to Harri who designed them and has commissioned their production in China she clearly has an understanding of the glamping market and has created a stylish product.
  2. It is affordable.  When judging affordability a glamping operator will have to consider durability, cost and potential income.  For the Lotus Belle, I don’t know how long they will last so I am working on the assumption that since the tents are manufactured in China, like many of the bell tents in the UK and judging by our two bell tents now in the bin, two years in our climate is enough before they look tired.  The 5m  Lotus Belle Tent can be purchased for around £900, about double a bell tent but vastly cheaper than a yurt, tipi or other canvas glamping options.  Our view is that this represents a less risky option than a yurt and a although more expensive that a traditional bell tent, it should earn more over a similar lifespan.
  3. The Lotus Belle Tent is spacious, ridding the problem the traditional bell tent has with short sides.  The Lotus Belle Tent creates a fully usable 5m diameter, just like a yurt.  The design utilises tensioned sides which is undoubtedly more complex to erect than a bell tent but benefits from a big increases in the height at the sides so that we can now equip the tent in a more practical fashion which makes the tent more family friendly.
  4. Its new.  Yurts are everywhere, as are bell tents.  The market leading yurts are popular but commom.  At about £5000 a go they have to be sold at a decent price so will be expensive.  Our view is that the current economic climate and increasing competition high retail values are more difficult to achieve,  therefore they are risky.  At the other end of the market, bell tents are so readily available that they often lack the ‘wow’ factor.  Although I personally like them because they are so airy, they are more difficult to sell.   The Lotus belle is a combo between the great price of a Bell Tent with the glamour of a Yurt – a winner our eyes.
  5. New company, new ideas, new innovations is what I am getting from Harri at Lotus Belle Tent.  Bell Tent companies are mass importing and they are pretty much all the same.  Lotus Belle is a new company and as such there is clearly a desire to satisfy the customer and as a glamping provider, we want to satisfy our customers. Lotus Belle Tent options include insulated linings and colours – two areas that solve two of our problems.  We can now look at something different – by choosing a different colour and we can also use the tent longer in the year, just like a yurt.

Its worth pointing out that we have no affiliate arrangements with Lotus Belle tent and are entirely independent of them.  If you would like to try before buying, enjoy a glamping break in one or take a look, please come along to The Three Horseshoes, our Lincolnshire Wolds campsite with pub in Goulceby near Louth.

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