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The Joys of Working in a Pub

I’ve written a blog before introducing my weird and slightly cynical self to you lovely people before    but due to the complex and powerful abyss of the world wide web it all got wiped. Basically some jack ass 39 year old nerd who had nothing better to do while his mum was making him a sandwich and loose women wasn’t on has kindly taken the time out of his oh so busy day to hack into our websites and destroy five years hard work. God I wish I believed in Karma…any who rant over. I feel as I am starting again I should introduce myself again but then I feel like I’m cheating by just posting my old blog about how opinionated I am and how much I love Harry Potter. So instead I’m going to tell you about the joys of working in a pub. Being only 21 I don’t really have much wisdom to impart with you but whilst I’ve only been on this planet for 21 years I have worked in various public houses and bar for the last 8 years (and now my parents have bought a pub of their own) hopefully by telling you about the things that make me smile whilst at work you’ll get a good idea of who I am. There are so many different joys of working in a pub but I’m only going to give you my top ten favourites.

10. being hit on by dirty old men

Some people hate it but it makes me smile most of them are hilarious and mean no harm and is one of many of the joys of working in a pub.

9. different drinkers

watching people down their drinks in the kind of “get it down ya son” fashion but then spilling it all down themselves and then trying to cover it up. You’ve gotta’ feel a bit sorry for them but then again not, its happened to all of us at some point unless your Amish or you grew up in a cupboard.

8. men who come to the pub to get away from their wives

My all time favourite  has to be a regular who used to use his dog as an excuse. One day he came in with his dog and then by the time he left he it was raining. On seeing the rain he turned to me and said “bloody great, I’m gonna’ have to stand in the p**sing down rain now or else she’ll never believe me!”.

7. overhearing other peoples conversation

I swear, to most people bar staff are invisible. From old men moaning about how things have changed since their day to drunk women telling eachother how much they love eachother blah blah blah (to be far we’ve all been there). It’s quite amusing to overhear sometimes, other times it’s down right disturbing.

6. watching people on first dates

The pub that I work at at the moment must be the hot spot for blind dates/first dates and they’re always fun to watch. It is the hope that these people have in one another which you know will be absolutely destroyed at some point be it weeks, months or years ( not that I’m cynical in love or anything). My favourite first date ‘woopsie’ has to be the ‘wine woopsie’ a couple met in the bar (as was obvious from there ‘nice to meet you’ converstion) and they ordered the drinks he had a beer and she ordered a single serve wine. What she didn’t realise was that her wine was a special and cost £21…Oh the look on their faces, comedy gold. As she apologised and he reassured her it was fine. I don’t know who I felt more sorry for.

5. drunk people

To be fair there are pros and cons to drunk people when working in a pub. But the major plus side is the drunken “keep the change sugar” line  when they gave you a tenner for a vodka and coke (I know drinks are expensive these days…but not that expensive) always a winner.

4. watching drunk girls cry

Every girl (maybe even some guys) has a friend that will cry all night over stupid things every time they get drunk causing some kind of pointless drama. If you can’t think of the person its probably you.

3. behind the bar games

Whilst working in a pub I’m lucky enough to have worked with some pretty descent people and to pass time we often make games up theres the usual ‘the alphabet game’, ‘guess the age game’ or but the best has to be ‘what’s my story’. ‘what’s my story’ needs a couple of bar staff we pick a group, a couple or a singleton and we each make up a story about them and whoevers seems the most true by the end of the night wins. A little intrusive and inappropriate yes but always good fun.

2. watching people fall

Now this is probably one of my number one things that make me smile in life but sometimes its not so funny. I once saw an old man fall over at Christmas time in the rain I helped him up and he was fine but still…not funny. But drunk people falling over…funny. The fact that their drunk takes away all sympathy. Mainly because 1. when you’re drunk you have no shame.  You don’t have to worry how embarrassed that person must be. OR 2. when you’re drunk you feel no pain. You don’y have to worry how hurt that person must be how hurt they may be.

1. watching people enjoy eachother

Heres a slightly nicer one to end on so you don’t think I’m completely awful. Working in a pub you get to see the best part of many peoples days or weeks. when the get to meet up with their friends, family or loved ones and just enjoy eachothers company.  You watch them laugh, chatter, gossip, catch up and escape from their daily lives. Perfect.

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